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Break free of the negative impacts of pain


There is long-lasting relief from the chronic pain that diminishes your quality of life. Risky surgery or questionably effective drugs with negative side effects are not your only options. You don’t need to accept a life devoid of the activities you love.

Break out of the cycle of spasms and pain with safe, effective relief that’s self-administered in the comfort of your home.

Proven, non-drug pain relief

Combining Interferential therapy and neuromuscular electronic stimulation (NMES), the RS-4i® Plus Sequential Stimulator with Intersperse® offers the long-lasting relief from pain that competing devices cannot. It helps break the cycle of spasms and pain. Unlike transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) or typical NMES devices, the RS-4i Plus uses high frequency (5000 Hz) Interferential therapy that penetrates deep into soft tissue to excite natural endorphin production with the potential to generate up to 8 hours of pain relief post-treatment. NMES then targets the muscle itself, reducing spasms and increasing circulation to produce clinically proven strengthening and healing effects.

The patented Intersperse technology uses this capability to provide pre-programmed and programmable treatments that alternate between pain relieving Interferential Therapy, and muscle stimulating NMES in a single session. With pain relief plus healing, RS Medical devices offer long-lasting relief from the constant battle with pain.


Easy to use

Designed for in-home use, the RS-4i Plus is simple to operate. Just place the electrodes as recommended by your healthcare professional or during your device instruction session and choose the default program. Or, you can select a new program depending on your pain level and needs. For hard to reach places on your back, you can use wearables that slip on like any garment and readily place the electrodes in just the right position. You adjust the treatment intensity to your comfort level, and then just sit back and relax.

Testimonial videos


“If I use it, I know I’m going to be pain free.”

— Bill, retired Army Veteran


“After an hour's worth of having treatments with the RS-4i Plus, I was 80% pain free.”

— Russell, retired Army Veteran


“I went from a five or six in pain to a zero”

Jason, ER nurse and senior nurse executive in the US Navy Reserve

One-on-one instruction

RS Medical provides every patient with an individual instruction session to help ensure you get the maximum benefit from your device. The session helps you learn device operation, covering how to apply and care for electrodes, how to access treatment programs, fit the wearables and charge the batteries.

RS Medical also surveys all patients to establish their levels of pain and its impact. You’ll get the same survey after approximately 30 days’ use to measure any improvement—data that can help your healthcare provider monitor your condition.

Should you have any questions or concerns, RS Medical Customer Service is there to answer any question about your device and its operation.

More testimonials

Allen, age 51

“Imagine,” Allen says, “[pain like] waking up every morning to find someone hitting your back and knees with a baseball bat.”

In a follow-up clinic visit, Allen was offered surgery, but sought pain relief instead. He was prescribed and used several TENS units with little effect. But when his VA therapist prescribed the RS-4i Plus, he noticed a big change.

“The TENS unit is like a Pinto and the RS-4i Plus is like a Ferrari. It provides the deep muscle treatment you can’t get with TENS. It’s the best thing the VA has given me. I can’t compare it to anything else. It’s night and day. I love it.”

Tony, age 35

An accident between his military vehicle and a logging truck left Tony with pain in his left shoulder that made work and daily activities difficult. “The pain got steadily worse,” he recalls. “Nine months later, I had surgery.”

Following surgery, the movement in his left arm became limited. He was initially prescribed a TENS unit for residual pain, but it didn’t provide lasting relief. Then his occupational therapist introduced him to the RS-4i Plus, which provided the pain relief he had been seeking.

“Before I used the RS-4i Plus,” Tony says, “I couldn’t raise my arm above my head. Now I can. I’m able to do my actual driving, and do it better. I’m not going to sleep every night in pain. Anyone who tries a TENS unit and then tries this will never go back. It’s just so much better.”

Douglas, age 50

“Douglas has suffered chronic pain in his back, legs, and feet for more than 20 years. The pain began during his years in the military, and worsened after an accident as a Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employee. “I was in bad shape for a long time. Then the fibromyalgia set in. It got to where I wasn’t active at all. I used a wheelchair half the time, and a cane the other half of the time.”

He tried multiple therapies. He used a TENS unit and prescription medication to block some of the pain so he could go to aqua therapy and physical therapy. Eventually he was referred to the pain management department at his local VA Medical Center and they prescribed the RS-4i Plus.

“Between pain management and the RS-4i, I’m no longer taking narcotics. That’s good. It’s changed my life, boosted my quality of life a lot. I love it. It’s been a real game changer for me, so thank you.”

William, age 35

“Before the pain, I was probably one of the best soldiers in my unit,” recalls William. I could pretty much do anything I wanted. I had full range of motion with no pain whatsoever.”

A repelling accident changed everything. William slammed into the tower and fell 50 feet. His injuries were serious. “I got two bulging discs in my neck, tore my rotator cuff, twisted my back every which way but straight, tore the labrum in my hip and messed up my knee a little bit.” For nine years, he had chronic musculoskeletal pain.

After multiple therapies, he wasn’t where he wanted to be in his recovery. The RS-4i was then added to his therapy routine. “It’s almost got me back to where I was before. I think it’s a great device. I’m almost back to doing some of the things I was doing. Going hiking, riding the bike again, going camping, fishing and hunting again. It’s had a pretty good impact.”

Kelly, age 48

After transitioning out of the military, Kelly was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer. “The subsequent operation and radiation treatment essentially cooked the tissues in and around my upper chest and neck area,” she says. “So, the tissue is no longer soft and flexible. It’s very hard, almost like plastic.”

She could no longer turn her neck or tilt her head up and would often get a sense of vertigo if she did. She began looking for treatment options. Following physical therapy, she was prescribed the RS-4i Plus. She immediately experienced relief.

“It’s over and above any other relief I got. It’s been wonderful.” The device has also given her hope. “I thought the tissues were damaged beyond repair and apparently that’s not so.” Thanks to her improvements, Kelly has been able to pursue a degree in yoga training. Most days can be physically demanding and the RS-4i Plus continues to help.

Kate, age 58

“Two years after back surgery in which two steel rods, two cages, and two new discs were installed, Kate was diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain. “I wasn’t able to do my garden work and I had trouble walking,” she explains. “Driving tore me apart, too. I could only drive about 20 miles before I was in pain.”

Physical therapy didn’t relieve her pain and the medications she was prescribed made her feel worse. Her treatment options were also limited because the pain was originating in a joint area that ran a high risk of paralysis if treated by injection or other invasive procedures.

Kate got her independence back after she added the RS-4i Plus to her treatments. She was even able to go on long trips again. “l can drive now. I made a trip to Tennessee, which I couldn’t have done before.”

She takes one pill twice daily to help with the pain in addition to using the RS-4i Plus. She can do many of the other things she couldn’t do before using the device. “Now I have a better quality of life. I can get out and do more and enjoy it.”

Take the Next Step

The RS-4i Plus requires a prescription from your healthcare provider. For that reason, we offer a free guide to aid in your review of RS Medical product information and assist in the discussion with your provider. Complete this form to view, download and print our guide.

If you already have a prescription for the RS-4i Plus from your healthcare provider, upload it here.



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*This account summary of RS-4i Plus Patient Assessments includes patient-reported data both before (Baseline) and after (21+ day follow-up) incorporating the use of the RS-4i Plus into their treatment protocol. Data was collected from patients by RS Medical representatives in person and over the phone. The Assessment questions used have been adapted from the Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management (DVCIPM) Defense & Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS) and Supplementary Questionnaire.