Getting the most benefit out of your RS-4i Plus treatment starts with placing your electrode pads in just the right locations. To begin, simply click on the body area that you want to treat and watch brief, instructional videos that walk you through proper pad placement.

To view the instructional videos on mobile, click here.

Back & Hip Back & Hip Leg Leg Leg Leg Foot Foot Shoulder & Arm Shoulder & Arm Shoulder & Arm Shoulder & Arm Shoulder & Arm Shoulder & Arm Shoulder & Arm Shoulder & Arm

Cables and Electrodes

Following the instruction of the healthcare professional who prescribed your RS-4i Plus, apply electrode pads directly to the skin in your treatment area or to your treatment garment prior to putting it on. Pads are placed in pairs, and therapy will be felt between each pair of electrodes.

Once your pads are in place, connect the device cables to the electrodes following the color-coded guide shown in each video. Then sit in a relaxed position, turn on your device and set it to your desired intensity level for your treatment.

Pad Channel Key Guide.png

Electrotherapy works by stimulating nerve and muscle fibers, not bone. So, it is not necessary to have the pad directly on the bone in order to treat a bony area that hurts.

Additional guidelines for pad placement:

  • Make sure the pads don’t touch each other on the skin.

  • Pads of the same channel can be as close as two fingers apart and as far apart as 8-10 inches.

  • If needed, pause treatment and adjust pads for the best comfort during a treatment.

For information about caring for your electrode pads, read our guide on Getting the Longest Life from Your Electrode Pads.

For information about ordering more electrode pads, ask your VA healthcare professional or visit our online shop.