In order to treat the pain, you have to reach it

RS-4i® Plus Sequential Stimulator with Intersperse®

This true high frequency device for in-home use uniquely delivers both pain relieving Interferential Therapy that penetrates deep into soft tissue to excite the body’s natural endorphin production for long-lasting pain relief and the rehabilitative muscle stimulation of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) that reduces muscle spasms, increases circulation, and prevents disuse atrophy.

Exclusive to the RS-4i Plus, patent-pending Intersperse technology provides the muscle contraction of NMES, with pain relieving Interferential pain relief inserted during the relax periods. You get intermittent contraction, then pain relief, then contraction throughout the duration of sessions, enabling shorter, more comfortable, and more impactful treatments.

“It’s my magic pill for pain relief.”

-Giles, Army Veteran

Enjoy the freedom of at-home, self-managed treatment

RS-4i Plus individual electrodes treat almost any area of skeletal muscle, while wearables properly target common areas of pain in the low, mid and upper back; just slip on the garment and you’re ready for treatment. Choose from a wealth of easily selectable pre-programmed treatments, or customize a program for specific needs. To help ensure maximum benefit, RS Medical offers one-on-one instruction on the proper use of the RS-4i Plus.

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Return to a life full of normal activities

After 30 days of treatment, 48% of patients had at least a 50% or greater drop in pain.


Break the clinical cycle of spasms & pain       

After 30 days of treatment, patients reported a 36% drop in spasms interfering with activity.